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Think Again by Adam Grant
27. Mai 2022

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Think Again by Adam Grant

Who is Adam Grant and why is he important for us?

Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist, top-rated Wharton professor, NY Times bestselling author and one of the most influential management thinkers in the world.

In his work, Adam is trying to create a better and healthier workforce through finding the good in procrastination, promoting contribution instead of competition, and stressing the importance of being able to unlearn things.

Update yourself!

Imagine: you open your laptop, and the pop-up window appears: “Your security update is ready! It will take 30 minutes for the update to finish”. You can choose to do it now, later or never. Updating could be crucial for the device’s safety, but you need your device now and don’t want to lose precious time. You decide to click “Later”… but end up not doing it at all.

We, too, should “update” ourselves.  Since we don’t get pop-up windows prompting us to do so, we need to prompt ourselves. Every now and then, we should stop and review our beliefs, and try to broaden the scope of the situation we’re in and the person we are. Choosing to do it “Later” may save us some time now. However, doing it timely can, just like with software updates, add some critical info for creating a better functioning us.

Listen to Adam’s speech and see how to create an updated version of yourself by rethinking, refocusing and trying out new things.

«The hallmark of wisdom is knowing when to grit and when to quit… your past can weigh you down, and rethinking can liberate you.»

Key takeaways:

  1. Sometimes, it seems that who we are is set in stone. But rethinking your identity, interests, goals is a good way to grow.

  2. Things will not work out every time. Knowing when to stop is equally important as knowing when to push forward.

  3. Stay confident in your capabilities, but keep in mind that it is okay not to know everything. Being able to admit you don’t know something opens the door to listening to other people’s ideas.

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